“Our Place”

“Our Place”

I’m really super excited to be able to say, we’ve just this week signed a contract for our own little apartment, fondly nicknamed by me as ‘Our Place’ (I showed my sister the photos and she said it looks like a bungalow, but we’ll swiftly move past that). There has been oh so many squeals and a hell of a lot of excitement this week, and I’m feeling super happy. The week of love has really delivered.

Let me just set the scene as to why this is oh-so-bloomin exiting. The housing marketing in Auckland is crazy, and when I say crazy, I really mean mental. To buy here you need at least $1 million dollars (not exaggerating AT ALL) and you’ll be up against auctions and other hungry-house hunters all over the city. Renting, to be honest I think is worst. Going to open homes is like speed dating, and the letting agent being the hottest person in the room. There’s lots of friend making, compliment giving and ass kissing.

After a couple of weeks of looking at flats, seeing the good (and then being rejected as so many people apply).. the bad (and wanting to shower ASAP following the viewing) and the ugly (aka the weirdest an uncomfortable viewing experiences) we found one we love. If you didn’t know already but I’m a witch. When I saw the photos of this place I knew it was to be ours and it was going to be home, and well…. It seems we got super lucky.

I’ve been flatting since I moved to Auckland but the time has come to have a place to ourselves. We’ll have a lovely little two bedroom spot, with an open-plan living area. But not only that, we’d got a little deck out back, where I can’t wait to spend my evenings. Neighbourhood wise, we’re right next to one of our favourite parks in Auckland, Cornwall Park, it’s safe to say my step count will be going crazy, watch out FitBit friends. 

Rent is *kinda* expensive in Auckland, but let’s not talk about that. I’m going to focus on my new home-life balance which I’m so FREAKING excited about. The most exciting things for me right now are

  • Making a house a home – I can’t wait to suss out the decoration for each of the rooms, and slowly collect pieces of furniture to make it truly ours
  • The silence – no flatmates and all the freedom. I’ll be basking in silence
  • Creating the perfect workspace – I’ve got so many side projects and hustles that I want to work on. I’m hoping to make a corner of that second bedroom into an office where I love to be and work. Let’s watch this space. 

We move in mid-march, and I know following that you’ll see house snippets on the blog. If you need me between now and then I’ll be scrolling through Pinterest for cosy house inspiration, and bidding on furniture on trademe.

  • Sasha Williams

    Congrats on your new home!