My 2018 Ethoi

My 2018 Ethoi

Is everyone still talking about the ‘new year, new you’ hype or did that ship sail? Imma post this blog anyway because you know what, I want to hold myself accountable, I want to write this down, and I want to be able to reflect next year because this blog is like a diary for me, albeit a very public one.


I wrote last week about my long list of resolutions that I made myself last year, and whilst I had a good try, I pretty much had an epic fail with a very low success rate. So this year, 2018, I want to do things a little differently. I’ve got an ethos, well actually I’ve got four, but stay with me I think they are going to keep me in a good place. I had to look up what the plural of ‘ethos’ was, and it is in-fact ‘ethoi’, so there’s that. 


Anyway, these four things feel really natural to me, and I feel like they’ll encourage me to live in my life in a way that I have been doing the last couple of months, and it’s a way that makes me happy. I find joy in little things, I laugh, I do things for me, I’m making improvements which I find really rewarding and it means that I’m doing things that I actually enjoy.

Well I’ve hyped these up a fair bit now, so let me hit you with them:

  • It’s a good day to have a good day
  • Live an 80/20 rule
  • Be brave
  • Write like it matters, and it will

It’s a good day to have a good day

This is something that I have a print of on my desk at work, and seeing it every day really keeps it front of mind. I find myself repeating this phrase to people all the time, when they are having a bad day, or a moan, or are feeling stressed, because why not just have bloody good day. Just decide you are, and you will. Then a good day might turn into a good two days, and a good two days becomes a good week, or longer.

Live an 80/20 rule – food, fitness and rest

I’ve been really good at going to the gym since signing up with a personal trainer in October last year. I’ve learnt that I’m actually really strong, and you know what I’ve loved surprising myself (and my trainer) session after session. Whilst I haven’t seen *HUGE* changes in my body, I’ve developed a really good relationship with exercise. I’ve also improved my relationship with the weighing scale… by not stepping on it. But you know what, i’m okay with that. This year I want to get my food more on track because I know I’m already putting in the effort exercise. My meals are pretty healthy and well balanced, but I’m the Queen of snacking and a true lover of chocolate-so I’ve decided to adopt the 80/20 rule. Within that 80% of the time, I plan to be really quite strict and monitoring myself, and that 20% of the time I can choose to fit around social occasions, or just a day when you need a chocolate bar. But that can’t be everyday. I also want to learn to rest, it’s okay to have a day off but I get so worried that I’ll get out of the habit of doing things, that I have no days off.

Be brave

I’ve actually stolen this one from Dani. This is something that she’s been talking about for a while now in her life, but I really need a slice of that pie. I know I can be a bit of a chicken sometimes. I’m really hold myself back, and I don’t do things that I want to. This year I want to be brave, say yes to things, seek out opportunities, follow my dreams and when it works out, be proud of myself. As Kayne once said “Reach for the stars, so if you fall you land on the clouds”.

Write like it matters, and it will

This is something I actually saw on Pinterest, but there’s no judgement here, right? As you may, or may not know, I go through phases with this blog. Some months I write asif my life depended on it, and other months I don’t even log on. I look at my stats and they are fairly small in the grand scheme of things, which impact my motivity. Does anyone care? Does anyone even read this? Is anyone reading this now?
Well anyway, I’ve decided to let go of that now. I probably won’t be a full-time blogger or writer anytime soon, but I’ve found a love for writing. Thinking up ideas, putting words together, editing them, and they sound like me. It’s therapeutic and good for my brain. I can switch off and just lock myself in a little world. But who knows, maybe you’ll see my book on the shelves in 2020?


So there we have it, my four ethos’ for 2018. I can’t wait to get cracking.

  • Saying yes is such a good one. I made that my motto during 2015 and I ended up having SO MUCH FUN because of it.