The Moments That Made Up 2017

The Moments That Made Up 2017

Just before I full commit myself to the new year, I wanted to take a hot second to recap on my highlights of 2017, after all I don’t go back to work until Monday so it’s *technically* still the holidays for me, don’t you love a technicality. Sorry to my friendlings who are already back at work, but hopefully this post will provide a delightful distraction for a wee while.

Okay let’s go… If i’m super honest, 2017 has been a mixture of rough and smooth; I’ve had some really low moments where I haven’t put my health and self first and I’ve had the wrong priorities in place. Whilst I don’t want to dwell on these moments, or even write about them in too much detail, I want them to feature on this post. Life isn’t just those smiling sunset moments, and many of these lifestyle/twenty-something blogs make it out to be that. I wanted to publish this on my slice of the internet, because you know what, life isn’t perfect, or easy.

Life can be hard, it can be hard to get out of bed, go to work, make dinner, do laundry and just be an adult. Being away from home, and the words and wisdom of your loved ones can be really challenging, but I’m proud of myself for coping and getting through these moments without them by my side, because you know what, it’s made me stronger, wiser and more confident because of it all.

All that being said, let’s look at some of those sparkly-special and joyful moments:

  1. A Trip to the UK
    I managed to sneak all the way home to the UK and surprising so many of my friends and family. Sitting on my sisters bed, when she wasn’t expecting me, and surprising her for her University Graduation will be one of my favourite memories forever.


  1. A Weekend on Waiheke Island
    We stayed in a lovely wee bach with a Spa Pool, we drank cocktails, ate cheese, played games and just had the best time away. The main event was dinner at Mudbrick, one of the best vineyards on the island, and it’s probably one of the best meals I’ve eaten. I’ll for sure be back.


  1. A Weekend in Nelson
    Nelson is just the loveliest spot, and doing a working bee down there will always be a good memory for me. Luckily, there’s already plans in the pipeline to go down early 2018.


  1. Going to my first NZ Bloggers event
    I’ve written a lot about being away from home, making friends as an adult and other such topics. In 2017 I headed to my first NZ Bloggers Brunch Club, with the friendliest, most welcoming bunch of gals chatted all things blog related over coffee and yum foods. What a great way to spend a weekend.


  1. A Sister-sister trip to Paris
    One of the best things about living in the UK is how easy it is to go to a whole number of destinations across Europe and further afield. When I was back at home my sister and I booked a super last minute trip to Paris and lived like true Parisians. Our first grown up holiday alone and a total treat.


  1. Growing a Strawberry Patch
    For some reason, I got in my head that I wanted to grow strawberries, and how idyllic it would be to pick them from the garden to eat. So I just bloomin’ did it, and I’ve found it one of the most rewarding things that I’ve done in 2017. The strawbs taste so so good.


  1. Dinner at Depot, Auckland
    We had so many amazing brunches, lunches and dinners in 2017, but a stand out meal was at Depot in the CBD. It was such a great experience and the food was top notch. I’d highly recommend asking the waiting staff what you should order. If you know, then you know.


  1. Looking after my health
    This isn’t just the fact that I’ve been majorly getting back into the gym, with the help of a personal trainer (a real game changer if you ask me!) but also finally making those doctors appointments, going to see the optometrist, checking in with my mental health and making time to listen to my body. 


  1.  Taking a photography course
    I wrote last year about how I’m ‘Planting Seeds for the Future’ and one of the things I’ve been up to is attending a photography course following the purchase of a DSLR camera. I loved getting back into the classroom, having assignments and seeing the self improvement. Thinking like a photographer also means that you are looking for the beauty in things, and see things differently.
  • Yay NZ Bloggers makes that list! I’m so happy to read that.

    • Steph Coulton

      Of course, I love the blogging community here in NZ. It’s really good motivation to keep blogging, and I really enjoy hanging out with you all. Looking forward to many more delicious brunches in 2018.