2017 Resolutions: One Year On

2017 Resolutions: One Year On

Oh hey there, happy 2018! I’ve spent the last couple of weeks on holiday aka trying not to get burnt by reapplying factor 50 all day everyday, and still being the as pale as when I started.

Sun safety aside, I put away my laptop and took some major time out. During that time I played more games than I’ve played all year, I laughed, I called my family, I slept more than 10 hours most nights and spent time outside. It was well needed and I bloomin’ loved it.

Now, I’ve got three whole days back in Auckland at home where I plan to get organised, get to the gym (I’ve already been today, go me!), write, cook/bake and just rest before I go back to work.

First up on ye olde blog this year, I just wanted to check in on those resolutions from last year and see where the hell I got to (also lol at how bad the photography was on this post, past Steph you look like a n00b).

Okay here we go, this is the original list:

1. Read 50 books in 2017
I read 30 books in total, and I bloomin loved it at the start of the year, but then I really tailed off and found it difficult to find books I actually wanted to read. I think I over-read if that’s a thing? In 2016 I think I read like 15 books, so I doubled the number which was really impressive. I do plan to get back into reading in 2018 and would like to swap scrolling through my phone on an evening to turning the pages of a book.

2. Cook something new every week
I did this for January and February, but then I got super lazy. This is such a good resolution that if I’m honest I wish i’d kept… but being a realist, I don’t really enjoy cooking so this was me pretty much setting myself up for a fail.

3. Buy a car
Okay I didn’t buy a car, but I inherited one last January, it’s been a life changer, driving is the bomb (even in Auckland) but I for sure but on that ‘just got a car’ weight when I stopped walking to and from bus stops. Swings and roundabouts.

4. Plan a trip home to the UK
DID THIS, and had the best bloomin time catching up with my loved ones.

5. Visit Hobbiton
Yeah nar, should probs watch the films first through.

6. Revisit the stunning Abel Tasman National Park, Nelson, New Zealand
I did make it to Nelson, but didn’t make it to the national park, but we’ll be heading back soon soonish this year.

7. Do more Yoga
Check, weekly Tuesday morning classes were my fave.

8. Go swimming and re-learn front crawl
This was a classic example of ‘all the gear, no idea’. I bought a propper swimming costume, Speedo and everything, but the tags were still on this when I dug it out to take it on holiday in December. Jokes on me.

9. Grow some chillies and some strawberries
Ya’ll have heard me going on about my strawberry children for months now. It’s been so super rewarding and I can’t wait to retire and have the biggest veggie garden.

10. Brunch around Auckland
Check and check, like the typical millennial that I am.

11. Visit the Caretaker, Britomart, Auckland
Ah yes, a nice and easy one. We went for my Birthday in March and drank lovely mystery cocktails… and by mystery I mean, they don’t have a menu, they just ask what you like and make something to match your taste. How exciting.

12. Find the joy in every day
It’s a good day to have a good day. That’s something I’ve been telling myself regularly and the way I’ve been trying to live my life.

13.  Do better at keeping touch with my friends and family
Yes and no for this one, I think I could do more. I miss ya’ll xx

So the success rate on those v.ambitious goals was fairly low, maybe in 2018 I should have a shorter list. You know what? I had a pretty good year and did some real fun stuff. In fact I’m gonna write a post about my favorite moments. Maybe you’ll see it tomorrow?

How did you go with your 2017 resolutions?

  • My 2017 resolutions were pretty simple – save money, lose weight. I’m pleased to say I did both! This year I have a more extensive list, wish me luck!

    • Steph Coulton

      I’ve gone the opposite way this year, with less instead of more. We got this, 2018 come at us 😀