Gisborne Photo Diary

Feeling pretty damn proud that I’m posting an actual blog about actual travelling, holey moley, major pat on the back for me. Anyway anyway, last month we had a lil long weekend away back to our favourite Gisborne. The plan was to kick back, relax and enjoy a little spring sunshine. We timed our weekend to go to the A&P show.

The A&P show is a slice of real New Zealand life, it’s basically like the Yorkshire Show and a fair all in one. We’re talking showing of farm animals, rides, street food, horse jumping competitions, and then real kiwi stuff like wood chopping, sheep shearing and heaps of farm equipment.

Aside from the A&P show, we also had a Saturday morning at the Farmers Market with the best avocado selection and fresh breads, we wandered through the city centre and scoured the shelves of our favourite bookshop, ate yummy homecooked food, walked up the infamous kaiti hill to admire the view, spent a lil time at the beach, read books, sat by the pool and made friends with a beautiful horse. I mean I don’t want to make you jealous, but I for sure got a tan.

Here are a couple of snaps from our weekend, Gisborne is one of my favourite places and was my adopted home for a number of months so it’ll always be special to me.

See you next month for festive times Gizzy.

(Cheeky little sunset whilst flying south from Auckland.)

(At the top of Kaiti Hill)

(Gizzy farmer market is the best thing ever, avos for $1.50 aka 75p is a dream!)

(An English rose amongst the flowers)

(Having a lil photography session on the beach)

(The most perfect day!)

(Can you think of a better spot to spend a Saturday afternoon?)

(One of my favourite views!)

(Hey Kaiti Hill!)

(Just being a total tourist, you can tell I’m a tourist from my lack of tan)

(A weekend of blue skies)

(At the show fairground)

(Just hanging on lil chairs ready for a picnic)

(Performing dogs on pony’s yes this is real life, yes this was cruel, but you can’t not watch.)

(Just a wood chopping competition, as you do, an average Saturday)

(Wood chopping set up)

(Heading back to Auckland)

  • Hayley Coulton

    Gizzy is at the top of the list for next time we come visit, I want to meet the feline friends you haven’t featured here!! Plus it always looks like the most idyllic and beautiful places! Can’t wait for the Christmas update from the sun, which is still weird and I won’t get used to!