The Constant Countdown

The Constant Countdown

And no I’m not talking about the countdown to Christmas. Welcome to another Steph on Tour-style Deep and Meaningful. At the moment, I feel in a state of constant countdown. Counting down hours, days, weeks and months and then boom, what do you know another year has passed. I’m pretty sure the most people are guilty of this, despite the inspirational quotes about ‘living in the moment’ and ‘treat everyday like it’s your last’.

I mean don’t get me wrong, I’m constantly trying to find the joy, every little bit of joy in every bloomin’ day. I say it in my Twitter bio and everything, I’m a joy-seeking professional, but I just can’t help but wish time away.

These are my weekly feels:

Monday – the countdown to lunchtime, 12 noon aka a great time,  then the countdown till the end of the working day.

Tuesday – is it Friday yet? Um no.

Wednesday – wishing everyone and myself a very happy hump day, we’ve made it halfway and it’s all downhill from here.

Thursday – it’s Friday tomorrow, we’ve almost made it, let the weekend chat commence.

Friday – Fri-YAY, doing the Friday dance all day and all night.

Saturday – Yes yes yes! Let’s pray that it’s a sunny saturday and all’s right with the world.

Sunday – The day of rest, sleep-ins, good food and an all round great day till 3pm and the Monday fears start to creep in.

Do this four times over and a whole month passes, and then four more times and another month passes, and we’re all here like ‘how it is November already’?!

Let’s not even start to think about the passing of the months and seasons; we’re so excited for spring, then can’t wait for summer, then love the autumnal vibes, then christmas and winter coziness and then repeat times a lifetime.

What on earth do we do now? How do we get out of this cycle of the constant countdown and wishing our lives away? I think I need to do something drastic and get out of the work, eat, sleep routine. Let’s see how 2018 pans out….

How do you feel about the day to day, and how are you stopping counting down the days?