Planting Seeds for the Future

Planting Seeds for the Future

We’re hurtling towards the end of the year, and I think that’s always this time of year that we start to take stock of what we’ve completed and achieved this year, how our goals and plans panned out. It’s also time to start planning for the future, and to take to look towards next year, 2018 and the years beyond, because you know what? The future is tomorrow and we never know what’s going to happen. Hashtag deep.

I’m constantly thinking about the future, where I want to be; what country will I live in, where do I see my career going, are there children in the future, when will I retire, what’s on my bucket-list, how do I make sure that I tick everything off, how am I going to manage financially? It’s all very grown up and serious, but I know that I’ll regret not being organised as a whipper-snapper of a youngster.

“In a year from now you’ll wish you started today”

There’s three kinda categories that I’m putting my effort and attention into; Money, Skills & Self Improvement. I feel that if I make gains in these categories, I’m going to put myself in a good stead for both the short and longer term future. (Feelin’ super grown up right now with this post).


*Insert all the catchy money phrases here* I’m just gonna go for ‘Money Matters’ because YEAH it does. Yeah money might not be everything, but you’ve gotta have it so you can do what you want with life.


I’ve always been a saver, and I’m pretty strict with myself to ensure that I don’t dip into them and I let them grow. I’m not saving for anything in general right now, I guess just for a ‘rainy day’ but I’m okay with that. I’ll keep continuing to save a percentage of my wage every payday, I’m in a great habit and very thankful that my parents made me a saver and not a spender. However, right now, my savings are currently just sat in a general savings account, and aren’t working so hard for me, which brings me onto my next point.


I want to be savvy with my money. Right now, I can’t really afford to invest in property (Auckland housing market, need I say more?) so I’m currently investigating other ways to invest my money for the future. I’m taking my time in this, and doing heaps of research as investments can mean a whole-lotta risk. I’ve worked really damn hard for this money, so I want it to be intelligently invested in a way that works for me.

New Skills

For me, planting seeds for the future also means making sure that my skills are relevant and up to date. I love learning and I really miss the formal learning environments, ahh what’s I’d do to go back to Uni, live was v. simple then.


If you read this wee slice of the internet regularly, you’ll know that I have recently started a photography course at night school. It’s only a 6 week course and we’re half way through but I feel like I’ve already learn so so much about how to use my DSLR and how to shoot in manual to get the shots I want.

Practice for sure make perfect, but I feel that now I’ve got the theory and foundations in place I can keep trying and improving. Maybe by this time next year my blog will be filled with the best photography ever…. Or at least I’ll have beautiful photos to look back and remember the good times, they’ll be an improvement than those shot on my iPhone at least (I hope!)


I’m really trying to get back into blogging and writing, I’ve written before about how I’d love to write a book, and how I find writing an excellent form of therapy, so yeah. I think it’s good to spend time with words.

My favourite part of blogging is content creation and planning, I love thinking up new post ideas and I have a book full of ideas, but I just need to make time in my day to write and upload. Plus, if I’ve taken heaps of beautiful photos, it’ll be a match made in heaven.

Reading Books

You may have heard on ye olde Twitter that I’ve been on a mission to read 50 books in 2017. I’ve made some pretty impressive progress and doubled the number of books I read last year and we’ve still got a few months to go. I’ve read a whole variety of books and I feel like I’ve learnt so much about random things so far, so I want to continue to do this.

Self Improvement

Personally, I think self improvement, upskilling, self loving and investment is some of the best stuff you can do for yourself. If you aren’t into skill building and you find that money burns a whole in your pocket and you’ve just gotta spend spend spend, then hopefully you are onto the self-improvement.


I know that yoga is really good for both my mental and physical health. I’ve found an amazing space with a teacher that I love, and I’ve been going every Tuesday morning since May. I can feel the improvements in my strength, stability and headspace and I love going. I find it a really self-indulgent time. I think in 2018 I’ll set myself some focused yoga goals to up my game.


I’m back into the gym, and I’m already feeling the benefits. I’m sleeping better, I have better concentration levels and I’m generally just feeling more myself. It’s crazy how much of a bad cycle you can get into when you are tired and you don’t exercise, and then once you exercise you get more energy. It’s super simple really, eat and move and you’ll do well.


At the moment, I’m eating less and less meat whilst trying to eat more protein. I’m 100% a more conscious eater and I really want to continue on this path I’m on. I’m not saying that I’m going to become 100% vegan anytime soon, but I think a reduction in meat, and more veggies are going to be a winner.


I think it’s right that this falls into self-improvement category, but networking and expanding my circle is something that may be last on the list, but it’s certainly not least. I want to meet more people in Auckland and beyond and hear about what’s going on in the world, collaborate, come up with new ideas and big plans.

Planting plants!

And obvs, I had to mentioned my legendary ‘Steph on tour’ mint plant, and my strawberry patch that I’m trying very hard to keep them alive and kicking for the summer. So far, so good!

I’m hoping that I can nurture the little seeds I’m planting now and keep the good times rolling.