Pinch Punch First of the Month – (#10 October)

Welcome to November, it’s officially countdown to the best time of the year, Christmas and sunny summertime. Yep, that makes very little sense having ‘Christmas’ and ‘Summer’ in the same sentence, but I’ve learnt to embrace it. This year marks my third Christmas and summer in New Zealand, and this year I’ll be throwing myself into all the kiwi traditions; but mostly, i’ll be trying not to get burnt.

I did write this post in October, but whoops, a week has passed and it hasn’t yet been published, but here we go, let’s do this!

I actually loved October, and I have heaps of highlights and joyful moments:

  • Finishing my photography course
  • Sunday funday having raw cookie dough at Moustache Milk & Cookies
  • Winning Mini Golf!!
  • Birthday celebrations for Dani
  • Smoothie Bowls at Bowl and Arrow, Parnell
  • The first of the spring sunshine
  • Work BBQ Lunch – with some of the best burgers I’ve ever had
  • A weekend away in Gisborne
  • Hitting gizzys sweet beaches and trail walks
  • $1.50 Avocados at Gisborne farmers market
  • Making friends with some new baby lambs
  • My car passing it’s WOF (or MOT to my british pals) first time
  • Eating the first strawberries from my strawberry patch
  • Purchasing super fancy new shoes
  • Hanging out with the NZ Blogger gals
  • Matcha Green Tea Lattes
  • Book shopping and increasing my ‘to read’ pile
  • A new desk plant
  • Feeling the results of my new exercise regime
  • Officially reading 30 books so far this year
  • Heading to the cinema to see The Kingsman
  • Long labour weekend filled with baking and time at home
  • Buying myself some beautiful flowers, just because
  • Getting back into my social life and making more plans
  • Adding the careers section back into my blog
  • Reading ‘Chapter One’ by Daniel Fynn of Thankyou
  • Facetime catch ups with so many of my favourite friends from home

Pure excitement at my first berries!

Matcha Green Tea Latte whilst hanging out with the NZ Bloggers Brunch Gals

String of Pearls, aka my new desk plant

My first strawbs may be kinda fugly, but I grew them myself!

Our favourite spot in Gisborne.

$1.50 for an avocado aka 75p, this is why just can’t move home.

An English rose amongst the flowers

Oh hey there Gizzy!

Making friends with this beautiful horse!

Having all the fun at the beach.

Bowl and Arrow, Parnell is highly recommended by me!

Moustache Milk & Cookies for cookie dough

A regular latte, a green tea latte, and a charcoal latte at Crossroads Cafe Milford.

Just taking some snaps in Takapuna.

Work BBQ with big dirty burgers!

Kitten being the No.1 model.

Love this snap from my photography course, it’s of the Auckland Skyline, of course.

How fun did all that look? I love writing this monthly round ups. How on earth is November going to match that one?

Aims for November

  • Keep taking photos, especially now my photography class has finished
  • Get back into writing
  • Post a blog once a week
  • Be super organised and get some Christmas Shopping done early
  • Keep my Strawberry patch alive (month three, we got this!)
  • Get back into Tuesday night flight class now photography is done

Coming up in November

  • Long weekend on Waiheke Island
  • Bonfire Night
  • The two year anniversary of my arrival in New Zealand
  • Going Jetskiing
  • Seeing Lorde in her hometown of Auckland
  • The weather starting to heat up
  • The christmas countdown and all sort of festivities!

What do you have planned for November? Let me know what’s coming up!

  • India Brownbill

    Love getting into work…having a free period…opening my laptop and seeing Steph On Tour has been updated. Great monday morning feels.

    WHY DOES THE WORLD HAVE TO BE SO BIG? Made it 2/3 of the way closer to you but you are still far. Are you planning on staying another year?

    BTW Characoal Latte looks right up my street!

    Kisses xxx

    • Steph Coulton

      Omg this is soooooo cute! Yayyyyy 🙂 I miss you Indzz!

      Glad you are enjoying the blog, I’ve really enjoy writing it and need to make sure that I find more time to update it regularly. It’s so nice looking back at what I’ve been up to.

      I’m saying in NZ for the foreseeable future, I bloomin love it here 🙂 Hope you are having the best time on your new adventure.

      So much love to you alwaysss xxxx