Making friends as an adult, and the NZ Bloggers Brunch

Making friends as an adult, and the NZ Bloggers Brunch

It’s no big secret, it’s really hard making friends as an adult. Especially when you move to a new city, and even harder when you move to a new county (enter Steph Coulton!) I kinda made it hard for myself.

I’ve been living in Auckland now since June 2016, and I’ve found it really hard to make new friends, yes I’ve probably not done all the things that everyone would tell you to do, joining clubs and teams, putting yourself out there etc. I mean, it’s not that I’ve been hanging out by myself all day everyday. I’ve made a lovely bunch of buddies at work, I’ve been going to the same gym, regularly headed to a yoga class, done a pottery course, a photography course, got flatmate buddies and a couple of extra friends through friends.

I do have to say, it will be so so hard to ever replace my super amazing friends back home I have the best gal pals that I love forever and they have been the best people to grow up with. I’ll be forever thankful for them all and there’s nothing I love more than catching up with them. But anyway, back to the topic, it’s hard to make new friends as an adult…. I think it’s mainly because everyone already has their own group of friends, or maybe multiple groups of friends.

A couple of weekends ago, I went out for Brunch with some of the ladies from the NZ Bloggers Club. I’ve been following a few of the lovely ladies since I moved to New Zealand and started blogging, but especially since I moved to Auckland. And it was so nice to chat about life, blogging, content, photography, production, our interests, goals and ambitions. I had the best time meeting so many new people.

The event was organised by hostess with the mostess, Lena from ‘Lena Talks Beauty‘ and she did an amazing job at planning and publicising the event and picked an amazing venue. We had a banquet style brunch at the fantastic Rosebank Coffee & Kitchen in Avondale. There were I believe 12 of us with bloggers who wrote about beauty, lifestyle, cooking, food and parenting. So interesting to hear what everyone does in their professional life, and blog wise.

The food was really amazing, we had three courses which kicked off with crispy potato skins, followed by some very fancy and well plated French toast and the finally was maybe one of the best eggs benedict I’ve had. So so yummy! It was fun sharing everything with everyone and meant that we could all satisfy both those sweet and savory cravings.

I should also mention, and say a lovely thank you to some very generous brands that provided items for some gift bags, these were the teams at Redken, Biolage by Matrix, and Neutrogena. It was such a nice touch and a lovely surprise that we received these. Massive round of applause for Lena!

I’m really looking forward to the next monthly bloggers bunch, and it will be in my diary as an excellent social event going forward. I think it’s going to be an awesome way to make friends, and I’d highly recommend looking for a blogging gang in your area so that you can chat flatlays, the right photography conditions, editing and plan to take over the world.

  • It can be sooo hard to find new friends in a new city! It definitely took me a couple of years in London. I’m all for meeting awesome people off the internet! x