Dear Diary: My 2017 Goals

2017 Goals - Steph Coulton

Happy happy happy new year! Here’s to 2017, and another year of Steph on tour, aka bloggy-blog as this slice of the internet is very much informally called by me.
I love the start of the new year, it’s got similar to feels to writing on that first page of a new notebook. I wanna retract that last statement already, I enjoy buying the sparkly new note book more than writing in the first page. I actually normally skip the first page of my notebook and start on the second. What does that say about me as a person? Maybe I have issues and a weird complex… is this just me? Please get in touch and tell me that I’m not the only crazy person who does this? ANYWAY.

New Year, New Me? Right? (Lolz) Regardless of the numerous catch phrases that we see floating around the social world at this time of the year. You can deny that it’s a great time to pause and take stock. Consider your aims, goals, objectives, your current life wants and needs, plans and dreams and just take a hot little second to figure out what on earth you are doing.

This year, I’ve decided to record my goals and objectives. In fact, I’ve purchased a fancy wee self-help style diary that has a section right up the front. The instructions are: “Goal List. Let’s get specific. Write down some practical goals for this year that are going to help you grow as a person”

This feels like a good activity, and I’m going to share my list with you:

– Read 50 books in 2017 (I’m on track for this! Check out my progress)
– Cook something new every week
– Buy a car (Okay I didn’t buy a car, but I’ve inherited a car. Wahoo!)
– Plan a trip home to the UK
– Visit Hobbiton
– Revisit the stunning Abel Tasman National Park, Nelson, New Zealand – TICK (Trip planned for May 2017!)
– Do more Yoga
– Go swimming and re-learn front crawl
– Grow some chillies and some strawberries
– Brunch around Auckland
– Visit the Caretaker, Britomart, Auckland (Went for my Birthday in March)
– Find the joy in every day
– Do better at keeping touch with my friends and family

This year I’ve purposely stayed away from “drop a dress size” and “go the the gym” and try to think about things that are achievable, will add value to my life and to those around me.

What are your new years resolutions or 2017 goals?