Dear Diary: Week One as the New Kid

So if you read the blog regularly, you’ll probably heard that I’ve moved up to Auckland. I’m living in a new city, with new flatmates and I’ve started a new job. I’m officially the new kid in town.

I’ve been living the dream and not really been working for the past seven months – I’m pretty sure I was the luckiest person! Going back to work was a little bit of bump back into reality. So much that on my first day at work I was in bed at 8.30pm, sorry-not-sorry, I needed it.

Living in Auckland

So far I’m finding Auckland really cool, I’ve been swamped with recommendations of things to see and places to go. (I’ll write a blog all about my Auckland bucketlist so you can let me know if I’m missing anything.) I can’t wait to explore more, I’m really keen to make the most of my evenings and weekends and I already have a couple of events pencilled in already.

So week 1, what have I been up to?

Well, since moving to Auckland I’ve managed to go out for brunch twice. Yes, impressive I know! I’m hoping that I’ll be able to keep this up and go every weekend, maybe? I think I have a little bit of a brunch addiction (send help!). So far I’ve been to Orphan’s Kitchen, Pononby and The Block, Blockhouse Bay.

Orphan’s Kitchen wouldn’t be a place I’d pick based on the menu, but I was playing tag along and decided I should get out, avoid unpacking, and go. I have to say I was really impressed with what I had, despite it probably never being something I would order for brunch. Intrigued? Let me tell you more!

I choose crumpets, which they make on site, which came with roof honey (they have bees on the roof, and I love locally sourced food! It couldn’t get much more local!) I threw a little curve ball and added some bacon, because you know, bacon! The crumpets were baked in pie format, so it was like getting a couple of slabs of pie, drizzled with honey. I went a speciality tea, it was liquorice. It was a really interesting (in a good way) flavour, and made with fresh ingredients. It’s so much better than a tea bag and inspiring me to make fresh lemon and ginger tea on a morning. I wish they had a menu online so you could check it out for yourself.

Orphan's Kitchen Review(You know when you’ve just met people, and you are that person taking photos of your food, yeah that was me…)

The second brunch was to The Block, Blockhouse Bay. It’s super cute, just on the high street and had a rustic but modern interior. Here I went for the plate sized hash with bacon, mushroom, tomato and a poached egg for good measure. It was quite literally the size of a plate, and a large one at that. A really epic brunch!

The Block, Blockhouse bay review(Huge mega crispy hash – AMAZING idea. High 5’s to The Block on this one!)

Okay, enough about brunch for this post, but I’m sure it’ll creep in again.

Auckland Sky Tower

My Sky Tower obsession is still pretty out of control, especially according to my camera roll anyway. You can see it standing boldly on the Auckland Skyline and I can’t resist taking a quick snap. You can see if from my office, which I find really exciting. I like the way it greets me every day when I leave work. Here’s a selection of photos so far:

Living in Auckland (2)(The view from just outside my new office)

Living in Auckland (3)
(I love the Auckland skyline, this is from my commute.)

Living in Auckland (4)(Me and the Sky Tower playing hide and seek.)

Living in Auckland (1)
(A red Sky Tower in respect, and in solidarity for those in Turkey who have lost their lives.)

I’ll be sure to make going up the Sky Tower a priority, maybe it’ll stop me spamming you with photos.

So that’s a wee snippet into my week, aside from these activities there has been a new commute, new work clothes, lots of learning and general adulting. I’ll give you another glimpse of what life in Auckland is like soon.

P.S. I also found this UK section in my local supermarket. I’m SO HAPPY that I can now get a fix of Galaxy Chocolate whenever I need it, they don’t have Galaxy Caramel, but I guess you can’t have it all can you?

UK Food in Auckland