I’m Moving to Auckland

The titles does give it all away, but that’s not going to stop me. There’s super big and exciting news – I’m moving to Auckland!

I flew up to Auckland a couple of weeks ago, and I’ve hinted to you guys a couple of times that I was planning a move – well, all the pieces of the puzzle have fallen into place. It’s all go!

There is going to be a new job, a new flat, new flatmates and hopefully lots new friends. How exciting? I’m feeling really lucky and grateful for the opportunities that are coming up. I can’t wait to get settled in and starting to explore this new city, aka my new home (eek!).

Peckhams Elderflower Cider(Celebrating with a kiwi elderflower cider)

My main missions are going to be to find the best brunch spots, fabulous gin/cocktail bars and hidden gems of the city. You’ll be able to join me on my adventure as I settle in, I’m going to continue blogging here on #Stephontour and I promise there’ll be new adventures.

Auckland Street Art(I’m on the hunt for cool parts of the city, I loved these graphics on a random power pole.)

As well as the city, there are so many places that are not too far from Auckland that I’m planning to visit on my weekends. I love a little weekend away. This includes both places in New Zealand, and ones which are slightly further afield, Melbourne is at the top of my list for a weekend break, and I really want to get over to Bali at some-point too. Auckland is a true transport hub, meaning I’m in the best place for both domestic and international flights, the perfect location for a travel blogger!

Can’t wait to fill you in on everything – I’ll be reporting back from Auckland! I’m hoping to do some more ‘kiwi lifestyle’ posts as I experience life working in a kiwi work place and living in the biggest kiwi city.

P.s. There’s probably going to be hundreds of photos of the Auckland skyline, because I’m just in love with the Iconic Sky Tower – so please accept my apologies in advance (#sorrynotsorry!)

Auckland Sky Tower(I see you Sky Tower!)

  • Exciting Steph! I spent almost four years living in Auckland. It’s a great city for bars, restaurants and brunch spots for sure!

    • StephCoulton

      I’ve already been for two brunches and I’ve only been here two weeks! Haha. I can’t wait to find some city gems! I think I’m going to have lots of fun exploring. Let me know if you have any recommendations!

  • Eep! How exciting! Welcome to Auckland!
    I’m not actually from here originally, but living here at the moment. There are heaps of really neat parts of the city to explore! You’re going to have a blast! 😀

    • StephCoulton

      I can’t wait to explore, I feel really lucky to be here and I’m really excited about it. Let me know if you have any must visit places I should go to 😀

  • Fee

    Jealous of all your up-coming brunches! Loving the new home Steph. Finally moving mine over this week to. A proper blog – gawd!

    • StephCoulton

      Thanks Fee – super excited for all the brunch spots!! 🙂 We’re like real life proper bloggers – who knew!?!