If you didn’t know already, Mum’s know best. They are not only super wise and have already been through everything that you are going through. As teenager, you may have rebelled and gone against your mother advice. But I hope you’ve come a full circle and realised that your momma was trying to do the best for you.
I’ve never really rebelled from my mum (apart from that time I convinced her to dye my beautiful blonde hair red). We’ve always got on and had a good relationship. Hanging out with her on Facetime is one of my favourite things to do. I look forward to chatting with her and hearing all about her antics all week.
If you haven’t already realised, you’re probably turning into your mum (just me?) I sometimes hear something coming out of my mouth and realise I am her. But you know what – I’d be pretty happy to turn into her. She’s so wise, and more and more I find myself re-telling myself her advice, and repeating it to others.
“If you don’t want anyone to know, then don’t tell anyone”
Simple yet effective and true. I consider myself a private person so this is spot on for me. It’s something that I’ve been practicing since my playground years.
“Everything happens for a reason”
It’s probably not what you want to hear when you are having a bad time, but you’ve got to find some comfort. I love hearing this when good things happen too. If you’ve worked hard for something and good things are coming your way. If you look back at your life so far, everything always works out because it has to, so have a little faith.
“When one door closes, another one opens. Or a window”
Again, advice when things are on the down and the door closes, know that something else will no doubt come your way. My mum always jokes that a window may come your way, but you can still climb through it. Big or small, all opportunities are worth considering.
“A minute on the lips a lifetime on the hips”
If you a regular reader of the blog, you’ll know that I have a huge sweet tooth and so does my mum. Something to keep in mind when you are digging into a huge chocolate block.
“The more you put into it, the more you’ll get out of it”
Commitment is king, and your sacrifices will be rewarded. If you love something then keep at it, even if it’s hard. It will all be worth it.
I’ve saved my personal favourite for last:
“Make the best decision at the time”
If you make the best decision at the time, you can never regret it. You simply have to trust your past-self that you made the best decision knowing what you knew then.
I’d like to dedicated this post to my lovely Mumrah Coulton, thanks for being the best and the most wise lady. I love you always MPC xx

We’re already in bloomin’ May, say whatt? I’ve pretty much blinked and missed this year so far. Then next one of these I write will be June which is the year halfway point. Is someone messing with us? It’ll be Christmas again before we know it, and 2018 (which is a pretty terrifying year and will mark 10 years since I left school. Now that’s a crazy thought).

April was a pretty snazzy month with heaps of happy moments to share. It’s been great hanging around Auckland and having some much needed down time. Here’s my top favourites:

– Easter Bunny came
– Long weekends times two
– A beautiful wedding for my colleague
– Attending the Dawn Service for Anzac day at Auckland Museum
Falling in love with writing again, both from a work point of view and a personal one
– My best friend getting engaged!! (eeeek!)
– Amazing pink sunsets aplenty
– Reading “First, we make the beast beautiful” by Sarah Wilson
– Re-starting Yoga classes
– Buy bargain new bedding and making the bed super comfy ready for the colder nights
– Going to the Royal Easter Show and petting baby animals
– A work away day at a venue with AMAZING views of Auckland
– Treat-day Saturday with pancakes
– Buying a nutribullet and going smoothie mad
– Having my first pedicure, and giggling the whole way through because it tickled
– Being gifted some of Gisborne’s finest avocados and having them on toast with roasted seeds and nuts
– A pretty epic freelance opportunity coming my way (more on that soon!)
– Going to the Auckland Royal Easter show
– Adding a careers section to my blog and writing all about life in employment

Ahhh life is so good. I feel like such a lucky kid!

New Zealand Lifestyle Blog - May
Toasted sesame seeds, peanuts and sunflower seeds with avocado, chilli and lime on toast.

New Zealand Lifestyle Blog Maythumb_IMG_9219_1024
Hashtag no filter kind skies.

New Zealand Lifestyle Blog Maythumb_IMG_9240_1024
Petting a grumpy pig at the Royal Easter Show.

New Zealand Lifestyle Blog Maythumb_IMG_9239_1024
Waffles at the Royal Easter Show.

New Zealand Lifestyle Blog Maythumb_IMG_9238_1024
Tucking into one of the many treats we ate.

New Zealand Lifestyle Blog Maythumb_IMG_9234_1024
Easter Bunny came for all the flatmates!

New Zealand Lifestyle Blog Maythumb_IMG_9228_1024
Tea and a good book in the Autumnal Sunshine.

New Zealand Lifestyle Blog Maythumb_IMG_9264_1024
Nigella style pancakes!

New Zealand Lifestyle Blog Maythumb_IMG_9263_1024
One of my favourite sunsets from the deck.

New Zealand Lifestyle Blog Maythumb_IMG_9257_1024
Two Easter Bunnies.

New Zealand Lifestyle Blog Maythumb_IMG_9255_1024
Always admiring the Auckland Skyline.

New Zealand Lifestyle Blog Maythumb_IMG_9249_1024
I promise I didn’t push this child out of the way to pet the baby pig.

New Zealand Lifestyle Blog Maythumb_IMG_9280_1024
Avocado delivery aka the best kind of delivery.

New Zealand Lifestyle Blog Maythumb_IMG_9278_1024
Pedicure time minus the giggles.

New Zealand Lifestyle Blog Maythumb_IMG_9275_1024
Wannabe Yogi.

New Zealand Lifestyle Blog Maythumb_IMG_9273_1024
All the green breakfast smoothies.

New Zealand Lifestyle Blog Maythumb_IMG_9269_1024
My first batch of Anzac biscuits.

New Zealand Lifestyle Blog Maythumb_IMG_9267_1024
Pancakes with banana coins and blueberries, real maple syrup added after.

That all looked pretty good didn’t it? I love this little visual diary I’m keeping, it’s so lovely to go back through all my photos from the month and pick my favourites.

Aims for May:
– Keep going to Thursday morning Yoga
– Network at New Zealand’s tech week events
– Get outside and enjoy the last of the Autumn sun
– Eat less dairy
– Blog at least once a week

Coming up in May:
– A trip to Nelson
– Seeing one of my favourite artists, Sampha in Auckland
– A weekend home along
– Breakfast at Fish, Hilton Hotel Auckland

It’s pretty self-indulgent writing these posts, but I want to look back at all the wonderful things, even the littlest ones, that have happened and filled me with joy.